Privacy with window tinting

Home window tinting Perth will provide a degree of privacy to homes, offices and cars alike with our Sun control film. Eliminating the harsh sunlight blazing through glass windows is just but one aspect of using Sun control film, the other advantages are many. It would cut down glare and heat by more than 80% and give a much cooler interior compared to the ambient temperature outside.

Home window tinting Perth takes special care when installing Sun control film and our workmanship is just exemplary as there should be symmetry between the surface and the Sun control film for the installation to be considered perfect. If the bonding is imperfect it would be easily visible and the finished creation would be flawed.

This is the same with your precious car and whatever works that has been carried out so far by Car window tinting Perth, we have never received any complaints. The art of completing a delicate job like this calls for precision, commitment and experience. The Sun control in cars is applied from the inside hence it is imperative that patience in completing the work is of the highest order.

Car window tinting Perth has always taken that extra bit of care to be the best in the business and have succeeded with sheer commitment and without compromising on quality workmanship. Car window tinting Perth Sun control film will afford a fair degree of privacy, whilst protecting you from the harsh elements outside.

Using Sun control film on your office windows of glass could also be converted into one deriving a message of importance. Office window tinting Perth will follow your instructions as per your request and design the messages you intend conveying by digitally printing on the Sun control film what you have to say. These messages would have good responses because they would be quite prominent to the eye.

Office window tinting Perth Sun control film whilst being decorative would also reduce heat and glare. It would cut down Ultra Violet (UV) rays by 93% and provide safety to those indoors. UV rays are considered harmful and could cause skin cancer if exposed to it’s effects for prolonged periods regularly.

The film would also protect your expensive glass windows from being vandalized by graffiti, or scratched. If it so happens it would be cost effective to replace the film than an expensive glass window.